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Low Spray Fruit Share

We have had several requests for more fruit. We send certified organic fruit in the boxes about 5 times per year. If you would like more fruit, our fruit share contains 1-2 fruit items each week (the fruit share is also available in a bi-weekly share). The fruit share contains fruit that is not certified organic. Rather it is reduced spray using the enviromentally-sensetive IPM standard.

When does the season start? How long will it last?

 Our fruit share has a different schedule than the vegetable share. The summer Fruit starts with early strawberries (usually in late May or early June) and continues for 16 weeks. Our fall Frut share is also known as our "Apple Share". This share begins in October and continues through December (a total of 12 weeks).

What can I expect in each week's box?

In our summer fruit share, we will typically send two (occasionally one) fruit items each week. The early season will start with fresh strawberries then move into cherries, blueberries, and raspberries. In the summer, expect to find peaches, nectarines, and plums. In the Fall we plan to have pears, apples, and possibly some fruit spreads such as applebutter.

The main fruit share ends in September--just as the apple season is beginning. For those who want to sample more of Fall's bounty, we offer a twelve week Fall Frut share. During these twelve weeks, you will be able to try many different types of apples and a few pears. Some of the possible apple varieties you will find in these later weeks are Fuji, Granny Smith, Mutsu, Northern Spy, Nittany, Pink Lady, and York. Each variety has its own flavors and texture. Each week will have either apples and pears, or two varieties of apples. There will be approximately two quarts (about four pounds) in each week's box.

Where does the fruit come from? What does Low Spray mean?

We are a certified organic vegetable farm. We do not raise tree-fruit. Instead, our fruit share is sourced from local orchards in Lancaster and Berks counties. If the three orchards we usually work with do not have a certain fruit available, we may source the fruit from other Pennsylvania orchards. All of the fruit is low spray or IPM (Integrated Pest Management). The IPM method relies on scouting, mating disruptions, and good sanitation.

All of this extra effort has proved successful in reducing the total spray usage by 30-50% (sometimes more). We are glad to be able to bring these fresh, local fruits to you each week.

What if I go on vacation?

If you plan to be away certain weeks, and you can let us know when you sign up; we will deduct $11 for each week you will be gone during the summer season or $8 for each week of the fall season. If after you sign up, you realize you will be away some week; there will be no refunds, but you may either have a neighbor pick up your box for you, or you may cancel your box and receive a credit. That credit can be used on another delivery date. Credits must be used by the end of the season unless other arrangements are made.

To make a change to your delivery schedule, you must give us one week advance notice by either e-mail or phone.

We pack an exact amount of fruit for each week’s boxes. Therefore if you fail to pick your box up within the designated time without informing us in advance; we will donate it to a worthy recipient.


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